Koppert Biological Systems sets up a base in ‘Incredible India’

Koppert had previously already opened branches in China and South Korea. The company has tapped into a new market full of opportunities in ‘Incredible India’. India is playing an increasingly prominent role in the export and biological markets in particular. In addition, professional covered greenhouse horticulture is developing strongly in the country of more than 1.2 billion inhabitants.

Managing director Henri Oosthoek refers to India as one of the BRIC countries, a very important and promising market for Koppert. 'There is a huge demand for natural and biological solutions in a market in which the majority of the population is vegetarian.'

By taking this step, Koppert is also supporting the efforts of the Indian population to improve food security and safety, public health, and biodiversity within agriculture and horticulture.

Koppert India's operating base is Bangalore, the capital of the state of Karnataka. Here, the climate conditions are favourable for horticulture, and the number of greenhouse projects is increasing rapidly. The sales focus will be primarily on natural enemies and microbiological products for greenhouse cultivation of vegetables and flowers. A number of states around Karnataka - such as Kerala and Maharashtra - are also in the picture.

The expectation is that biological crop protection below ground and above ground will become available for the whole of India over the coming years.





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