‘Something wonderful and healthy is set to grow from this’

Biological crop protection really works in India. That was the abundantly clear conclusion drawn during the evaluation of a demonstration project at one of the greenhouse horticulture companies of Namdhari Fresh in Bangalore.

Representatives of the Dutch and Indian government, growers, press, and public saw with their own eyes the positive results of the use of biological beneficials. In particular the significance for food quality and safety through the reduction in the use of chemicals was praised. This is in keeping with the objective of the Indian government to greatly improve food security and safety as well as biodiversity in agriculture and horticulture in the coming years.

The financing of the demonstration project at Namdhari Fresh came partly through Dutch government funds via the public-private cooperative venture FoodTechHolland. This is a consortium of 27 companies from the Dutch agri-food sector working closely together in accessing the Indian market.

Yassin Lahiani, area manager for the region including India at Koppert Biological Systems, is delighted with the positive responses. 'This project is very important for the recently established Koppert India. It forms the starting point for further developments in the very promising Indian market. As a result of the success of the project, the Indian state of Karnataka has expressed its willingness to work alongside Koppert on resolving various problems in a variety of crops.'

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