Vici Routz

Vici Routz is a 100% natural product used for drenching. It contains soil probiotics, biostimulants, prebiotics and vitamins that stimulates the crop growth and root system, increases the tolerance to soil borne diseases which results in increased nutrient uptake and increased yield.

Target crop

Vici Routz is suitable for application on vegetables, potato, onion, cereals, millets, pulses, oilseeds, fibre crops, sugar crops, forage crops, plantation crops, spices, medicinal crops, aromatic crops, orchards and ornamentals.

Mode of Action

Soil probiotics and natural origin biostimulants in Vici Routz act as bioprimers enhancing crop vigour, disease resistance, nutriënt uptake, drought tolerance and contribute to healthy crop and bumper yield.

Dosage and application method

1.5g/ L water

For nurseries: Dissolve 1.5g/ L of water and apply solution through rose can, drip lines or apply solution as a soil drench to the root zone of crops.

For seedling/planting material: Dissolve 1.5g/ L of water, dip seedling, planting material in the solution.

For perennial crops: Dissolve 1.5g/ L of water and apply solution as a soil drench to the root zone of crops.           

Time of application   

  • After sowing in nursery beds
  • Seedling, planting material dip at the time of transplanting, planting
  • Two and three weeks after transplanting


Vici Routz is compatible with biopesticides, biofertilizers. It is advisable to avoid mixing with chemicals.


  • Improves crop vigor and makes the crop less susceptible to diseases.
  • Boosts the plant’s resistance to drought and other types of abiotic stress.
  • Acts as a biostimulant – a treated crop becomes stronger and grows better. This results in greater yield.
  • Contributes to the achievement of greater nutritional value in crops.
  • Vici Routz is 100% natural and safe for both people and the environment.
  • It is non-toxic. There is no re-entry period following treatment, and no waiting period before harvesting either.  

Pack size

Vici Routz is available in 50g, 100g, 500g, 1kg packaging.

Storage and handling

Store in a cool and dry place. Avoid direct sunlight. Storability is reduced once the package has been opened.

Shelf life

Vici Routz is stable for 12 months from the manufacturing date.

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