Cocos nucifera



Coconut is most useful palm in the world. Every part of the tree is useful to mankind in one or the other way. It provides food, drink, fuel and timber. The copra, the dry kernel of coconut is the richest source of vegetable oil comprising 65 to 70% oil. Oil is widely used as hair oil, to manufacture soap, cosmetics and other industries. Husk is a source of fibre used in coir industry. The tender nut supplies coconut water, a popular thirst of health and hygienic value.

Coconut is tropical plant and grows well up to an elevation of 600m above MSL. The tree can tolerate wide range in intensity and distribution of rainfall. However, 2000mm rainfall per year well distributed throughout is ideal for better growth and higher yield.

Coconut cultivars are classified into two groups namely tall and dwarf.