Vici Routz GR

Scientific name:
Bacillus megaterium
Common name:
Stimulates crop growth and root system
Use for

Use for

When to use Vici Routz GR?

Vici Routz GR is a natural product for soil application. It contains Phosphobacteria, soil probiotics and prebiotics which act as bio primer that stimulates the crop growth and root system, nutrient uptake, drought tolerance, disease resistance which results in healthy crop and higher yield.

How it works

How it works

How does Vici Routz GR work?

Vici Routz GR improves the overall soil health by increasing and activating the beneficial microbes in the soil and near root zone.

Product specifications

Product specifications


Phosphobacteria – Bacillus megaterium 5*10^7 CFU / g in 3 Kg Granules. Each 3 kg Vici Routz GR contains 100 g. of other actives.

Soil Probiotic consortium 2%
Organic Carbon 38%
Seaweed Extract 24%
Ascorbic acid 20%
Amino acid 9%
Myo inositol 4%
Thiamine 2%
Alpha Tocopherol 1%

Vici Routz is PSB Bio Fertilizer under Fertilizer Control Order, India

Directions for use

Directions for use

Application of Vici Routz GR

Broadcast homogeneously to the plant’s root zone. Granules can also be applied by line or band application.

Best working conditions for Vici Routz GR

Adequate soil moisture is crucial for application and better results.

Registration Details: Vici Routz is PSB Bio Fertilizer under Fertilizer Control Order, India

Compatibility: Compatible with commonly used fertilizers.

Shelf-life: Vici Routz GR is stable for 24 months from manufacturing date.

Storage: Store Vici Routz GR in its original sealed pouch at ambient room temperature and avoid direct sunlight. Storability is reduced once the package has been opened. Keep out of children’s reach.

Note: Percentage of actives are subject to vary or change depending upon storage condition and exposure to heat and sunlight.

Side effects

Pesticides can have (in)direct effects on biological solutions. Find out which pesticides have side effects on this product.

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