Cercospora sp.

Cercospora leaf spot


Leaf spots are characteristically greyish brown, circular with small to large grey centres and dark brown margins. The spots may enlarge to 1 cm to more and later coalesce. The spots dry up results in shot-hole appearance to the leaves. Severely infected leaves drop off prematurely results in reduced yield. Stem, petiole and pods are also infected with Cercospora with typical grey centres with dark brown borders.

Disease Cycle

Cercospora leaf spots can be caused by many species of Cercospora species depending on the plant type infected. Infected seeds, infected plants and plant debris are primary source of infection. Secondary spread is through air borne conidia. High humidity favours the spread of the disease and severity. The fungus has the ability to overwinter in plant debris and remains in the field for long time.


Spray Veni GoKlean at the rate 1.25 to 1.5 ml per litre of water at 12-15 days intervals as preventative spray and or after recognition of the disease symptoms.