Ceratocystis fimbriata

Pomegranate wilt complex

(Major cause), species of Fusarium, Rhizoctonia, Sclerotium, Macrophomina, Phytophthora are occasionally associated with fungi.


Affected plants show yellowing in some branches or twigs followed by drooping and drying of leaves and branches. The entire tree dies in few months. Dark greyish brown to black colouration of wood below bark and vascular discoloured bands in the stem and roots.

Disease cycle

The fungus survives for more than 7 years in infected plant debris and soil. The pathogen spreads through planting material, root grafts, soil, irrigation, rain, flood, insects, farm machinery and intercultural operations.


Mix Veni GoKlean at the rate 2 to 3 ml per litre of water and drench 20 to 25 litre of solution per tree to the root zone by making the ring around the tree for three times at weekly intervals. Mix 10gm Vici Routz SP in 10 liter of water and drench to the root zone per tree 12 days after final drenching of Veni GoKlean.