Veni GoKlean

Veni GoKlean Eco-friendly universal disinfectant used to disinfect all types of pathogenic micro-organisms. It contains 100ppm colloidal silver and 100ppm colloidal copper encapsulated by a bio-polymer and suspended in water.

Use Veni GoKlean for:

Veni GoKlean is natural origin and non-toxic to mammals and non-carcinogenic and quickly eliminates micro-organisms thereby making it a safe, convenient and easy to use product that leaves no residues.

  1. 250 ml bottle
  2. 500 ml Bottle
  3. 1Ltr Bottle
  4. 5ltr Bottle
  5. 25 Ltr
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General information

When to use Veni GoKlean?

Useful for pre-sowing soil disinfection. Disinfection of Fungi, Bacteria and Virus on plants and post harvesting.  It is helpful in extending shelf life of the produce, due to its disinfection property.


Colloidal Silver: 100ppm

Colloidal Copper: 100ppm

Carrier: Water

How does Veni GoKlean work?

The combination of these two elements silver and copper has a synergistic effect to disinfects all forms of microbes. Colloidal particles cause cold injury to microbial cell and further deactivate the metabolic system and inhibit further reproduction of the microbes.

How to use Veni GoKlean

Application of Veni GoKlean

  • Mix 1.25 - 1.5 ml (for spray), 2-3 ml (for drench), 5 ml (for tuber/rhizome/plant material treatment) of Veni GoKlean in 1 L of water and apply on the target area.
  • Veni GoKlean can be used for regular treatment by drip, foliar sprays, and drenching methods.

Unique features

  • Stable, safe, sustainable and cost effective,
  • Universal range of application,
  • Free from chlorine, Free from carcinogenic or mutagenic effect,
  • Free from danger of bacterial resistance,
  • Long- lasting effect due to encapsulation, Non-corrosive, Non inflammable, Non-irritant,
  • Non-toxic, Non mutagenic, Non-hazardous,
  • No re-entry barrier,
  • Parameters like hardness, salinity, pH does not impair the efficiency of Veni GoKlean.


Compatible with all agro-chemicals. Veni GoKlean should not be used along with microbial bio pesticides and bio fertilizers.

Shelf life

It is stable for a period of 24 months from the date of manufacturing.

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