Green potted plants


There are many species of green potted plants, the most common are:

  • Ficus

  • Skimmia come in many varieties and are usually used as garden plants, because of their attractive foliage, flowers and ornate red fruits. These plants grow in the shade and need a moist, well-drained, humus-rich soils. Skimmia plants are strong and are tolerant of drought, but also air pollution.

  • Dieffenbachia is a very popular ornamental plant and usually sold as houseplant. The leaves of the Dieffenbachia have white spots and specks and turn the plant into a decorative indoor object. The plant itself is a perennial, herbaceous plant with a straight stem.

  • Croton belongs to the spurge family of Euphorbiaceae and is an extensive, flowering plant.

  • Succulents, also referred to as succulent plants or at times as water storage plants, are plants with thick and fleshy parts that serve to retain water in arid climates or dry soils.